2020 Southeast Regional Conference Faculty Request

The Southeast Regional Conference (SERC) has provided training opportunities to United Way leaders across the southeast for more than 60 years.  Thank you for your commitment to strengthening the United Way network by sharing your knowledge and experience.  The 2020 SERC seeks faculty that are (to name a few):

  • performing impactful work that engages donors and volunteers successfully
  • offering collaborative models for addressing the community's most pressing needs
  • experiencing growth or are leading their organization with a growth mindset
  • thinking differently and executing awesome experiences year-round
  • developing the talent of their organization to meet new demands
  • incorporating equity, diversity, inclusion values within their organization and their boards
  • creating year-round engagement with messaging/marketing that reonates with donors
  • driving their work through the use of needs and outcome data
  • reporting outcomes through evaluation of their work
  • creating opportunities for affinity groups to problem-solve and give
  • actively engaging the community and especially donors through strong marketing and communication
  • training their Boards to be engaged philanthropic leaders within United Way and beyond
  • responding to a natural or man-made disaster and lessons learn
Workshops for the SERC will be 1.5 hrs in length and should include multiple avenues for learning: knowledge exchange, group conversation/work, practical application activities, etc.  
Innovation Stations are 30-minute timeframes where best practices/innovative ideas are shared.  Connections are made for in-depth exploration following the conference if desired. 
Before completing the form, be prepared to share: Session Title and Objectives, along with Description for Faculty Selection Team and Description for Conference Program.
If you plan to partner with another leader, please provide their informaton as well.
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If we believe what we've always done will continue to work, we will not grow.  As a United Way leader, mover and shaker, you have the opportunity to be the catalyst that initiates a shift in how we think and work, individually and together.  Consider how your content will impact participants to evolve and adapt to the current market and embrace shared opportunities ahead.