On this site, you can see the materials created, brand standards and we will be posting tools and resources to increase effectiveness of local United Way marketing efforts.

United Ways in North Carolina also collaborate around the marketing of our NC 2-1-1 service.

Here are just a few of the benefits our United Ways achieve by working collaboratively around marketing:

  • INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS AND CONSISTENCY -- For the first time, the same message and “look” could be seen consistently across much of the state.
  • REDUCED CREATIVE COSTS -- One resource developed all of the materials, instead of needing different creative resources for each community thereby reducing costs and providing high quality materials for everyone.
  • REDUCED PRINTING COST --The materials could be printed in one place with fewer print runs.
  • BROADCAST MEDIA COVERAGE -- We could now get local broadcast media tie-in because prior to that time, local stations resisted donating PSA time because different United Ways each had their own different PSA.
  • GREATER DIVERSITY OF MATERIALS – Now all United Ways have access to Spanish language materials, tent cards, coloring books and much more.