Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria Help

During times of disaster we all want to help our neighbors in need, and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria are no exception. United Way of North Carolina has compiled the following information about ways to help our neighbors who’ve been affected by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding in Texas, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. We will be updating the page as more information becomes available, so please check back often.


The BEST way to help after a disaster like this is to make a financial donation to a trusted, reputable charitable organization. Financial donations are efficient, easy to use, flexible, and can be put to immediate use. They allow relief organizations to respond quickly to the most pressing needs, as well as to evolving needs as the disaster response progresses. Financial donations allow supplies to be purchased closer to the disaster, avoiding delays, transportation, and storage costs that often happen with material donations. Financial donations don’t require volunteers to spend valuable time sorting items that may not be able to be used. 

Please do not donate goods such as used clothing, miscellaneous household items, medicine, or food unless a there has been a specific request for the item(s). When these items are donated, the helping agencies must redirect their staff away from providing direct services to survivors in order to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of disaster survivors.

Financial donations to a United Way in an affected community

United Ways are closely connected to their community, and, along with their partners are a critical part of a community’s short and long-term recovery from disasters. Local United Ways can respond quickly to meet immediate needs as they arise, providing resources to first responders and other disaster response organizations to help with rescue and immediate relief efforts. Local United Ways also often coordinate a community’s response to a disaster, ensuring long-term recovery and rebuilding needs are met quickly and efficiently.

United Ways of Texas provides links to United Ways throughout Texas that are currently raising funds to aid Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery in their community.

United Way of Florida has established a Hurricane Irma Relief Fund to support local Florida communities affected by Hurricane Irma. You can also find links to donate directly to a relief fund established by local United Ways in affected communities. View United Way of Florida's Disaster Relief Fund and links to local Florida United Way disaster relief funds. 

United Way of Miami-Dade's and the Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald's Operation Helping Hands helps those affected by the hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico recover and rebuild. 100% of donations will help local United Ways and other nonprofits on the ground in the impacted areas meet the disaster-related needs and support long-term recovery throughout the affected regions. You can designate your donation to go to one or more specific affected areas or where help is needed most. Donate to Operation Helping Hands Hurricane and Earthquake Relief.

United Way Worldwide provides links to local United Ways in the Carribean, Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina that have established Hurricane Irma Relief Funds.

Financial donations to United Way Worldwide's Hurricane and Earthquake Disaster Relief Funds

United Way Worldwide has launched the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund, the United Way Irma/Maria Recovery Fund, and the United Way Worldwide Mexico Earthquake Recovery Fund to support all local communities affected by the storms and the earthquake. 100% of individual donations given to the Funds will be used for recovery efforts in the affected areas. The national funds are not meant to replace local relief and recovery funds, but will complement local efforts.

Learn more about United Way Worldwide's Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund and donate

Learn more about United Way Worldwide's Hurricane Irma/Maria Recovery Fund and donate

Learn more about United Way Worldwide's Mexico Earthquake Recovery Fund and donate

Financial donations directly to Puerto Rico

United for Puerto Rico is an initiative brought forth by the First lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló, in collaboration with the private sector, with the purpose of providing aid and support to those affected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane María.

Donate to United for Puerto Rico

Donations to organizations providing relief in affected communities

Donations may be made to Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) members who are providing relief efforts and assisting with long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts. Contact the organizations directly to learn more about their Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria relief efforts. 

View a list of TX VOAD members

View a list of FL VOAD members

View a list of Puerto Rico VOAD members

Donations of Goods

It is important to remember unsolicited donated goods (e.g., clothing, miscellaneous household items, and mixed or perishable foodstuffs) require voluntary agencies to redirect valuable resources away from providing services to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of disaster survivors. 

If you have goods that you believe will be helpful, National VOAD provides a form that you can complete to quickly inform VOAD agencies in affected communities about your donation so they can make arrangements to receive it. 

Fill out the NVOAD donation form 

Volunteer Opportunities

National VOAD is asking people who would like to volunteer to not self-deploy, as unexpectedly showing up to any of the communities that have been impacted by the hurricanes can create an additional burden for first responders.There will be volunteer needs for many months and years after the disaster. If you feel the need to do something immediately, consider a financial donation to a relief organization or host a local yard sale or other fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a relief organization.

Volunteer Opportunities with VOAD Organizations

Individuals, groups, and organizations interested in volunteer opportunities can register with state and territory VOAD member organizations directly or fill out a volunteer form with the National VOAD.

We ask for your patience after you register to volunteer - you will be contacted you once public officials and disaster relief organizations have had an opportunity to assess the damage and identify what the specific unmet needs are.

Please note: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands ask that volunteers not self-deploy, as unexpected arrival in affected communities creates an additional burden for first responders. 

Register to volunteer to help TX VOAD organizations with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

View a list of TX VOAD members

Register to help FL VOAD organizations with Hurricane Irma relief efforts

Register to help VOAD organizations in Puerto Rico

Register to help VOAD organizations in the US Virgin Islands

View a list of Puerto Rico VOAD members

Volunteer Opportunities with United Ways

United Way of Miami-Dade serves as the official volunteer management agency for Miami-Dade County's Emergency Management. They also have a volunteer application on their website.

Fill out the United Way of Miami-Dade volunteer form